Lennart in Grumble Valley

At times Lennart cannot fall asleep – too many experiences of the day still keep his mind busy. In moments like these the bright boy travels to the large meadow of Grumble Valley. During his trips he gets to know the amicable yet sometimes moody inhabitants of the valley: the good-natured Karl, the enchanting ballerina Penny, the grumpy Fred and many more. And Lennart is happy to help them with advice when they are unable to agree on something or when they are grumpy.

When the sun dips under the horizon at the end of the day the problems of the valley’s people have been solved and Lennart has finally cleared his mind and is able to sleep well.

Idea: Judith-Ariane Kleinschmidt

Scripts: Judith-Ariane Kleinschmidt (cooperation Florian Schwebel)

TV- animation series for children 4-7 years

Produced for "Unser Sandmännchen", rbb Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg

Editor: Anne Knabe