Die Moffels

Starting in January 2019, the new Moffel adventures will be broadcast at the RBB Berlin Brandenburg, in "Unser Sandmännchen"

 One night Lucy discovers in the attic a mysterious star chart with an inscription.
After she read aloud the magic words on this paper, three bulky MOFFELS plop down through the roof’s trapdoor: Leopold, Panini and Bruno.
The chubby, intergalactic half-fairies come from a far away star and they will stay with Lucy for 33 1/4 moons. And the best thing is THE MOFFELS are commissioned to fulfill Lucy ONE wish 
every night.
 From now on Lucy can’t wait until her mom says good night. Together with

THE MOFFELS she discovers the wonderful world of nightly adventures.


26 stories and 7 Moffel songs are produced. Now 13 new episodes will follow.


THE MOFFELS is a coproduction of DIGITRICK Potsdam and RBB Germany. It launched in 2012 at KIKA’s premium bedtime slot “Sandmaennchen” with skyrocketing audience


Idea and basic concept: Ute Krause, 

Pre School TV Animations Series  

Editor: Anne Knabe, Unser Sandmännchen

Commissioned by rbb Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg