Thirteen-year-old QUINN NEXUS thinks that bad school grades and living up to his single mother LAURA, a big shot scientist, are his biggest problems right now. Boy, he has no idea what challenges wait just around the corner…
Through an interdimensional rift that forms in his mom's lab he and two other youth, twelve-year-old KIRA and eleven-year-old prodigy BAZ, are transported into the strange Atom World which is inhabited by creatures with amazing powers: the ELEMONSTERS!
And if it wasn't bad enough already that these kids don't know how to return to their world, Atom World is in the middle of an invasion led by the menacing GAMMAS.
Together with some new friends they make along the way the three try to save the Elemonsters' world and find a way back home to Earth.

Animated series

26 x 11' episodes

Target group: 6-10 years
Script by Andreas Völlinger
© 2016 Storyhouse Productions

Elemonsters were created by Andreas Dihm